Lick Observatory Technical Reports

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16 Serial Data Multiplexer--EL-331 T.P. Ricketts, L.B. Robinson
20 The Lick Observatory TV System User’s Guide T.P. Ricketts
24 Controller for the Echelle Spectrograph (System Number EL 653) T. Cantrall
25 Time Standard: EL 498 T. Cantrall
27 Echelle Scanner Data Reduction System M.R. Hartoog
31 The Lick TV Autoguider L.B. Robinson, R. Kibrick
32 The 120-Inch Telescope J. Osborne
35 The Coude Third Mirror Controller C.R. Delaney
38 Improving Telescope Drive Performance with Microprocessors R. Kibrick
39 Optimizing Cassegrain Shields J. Osborne
41 Axial Supporters for Ref Mirror J. Osborne
42 Ten Meter Telescope Technical Demonstration J. Osborne
43 TMT Primary Mirror Covers J. Osborne
48 The CCD Cassegrain Spectrograph at the Shane Reflector J.S. Miller, R.P.S. Stone
49 MOSAIC Project J. Osborne, D. Hilyard, B. Bigelow
50 VISTA: Image Processing Cookbook R. Pogge, R. Goodrich and S. Veilleux
51 Keck Telescope High Resolution Spectrgraph Thermal Models J. Osborne, B. Bigelow
52 The CCD Spectrograph and Camera at the Nickel Telescope R.P.S. Stone, J. Shields
54 Music, Parts 1 and 2 R.J. Stover
55 Traffic Controller, Parts 1 and 2 R.J. Stover
56 Infoman--User’s Guide R.J. Stover
57 HIRES: A High Resolution Echelle Spectrometer for the Keck 10-Meter Telescope S.S. Vogt and HIRES Science Advisory Team Members
58 The Hamilton Spectrograph User’s Manual A. Misch
59 Finite Element Analysis of Large Lenses for the Keck Telescope High Resolution Echelle Spectrograph B. Bigelow
61 Nickel Telescope User’s Guide R.P.S. Stone
62 Mechanical Engineering Safety Note, Lifting Slings for the HIRES Spectrograph Corrector Optics B. Bigelow
63 Design, Analysis, and Testing of a Fixed Mount for a 1-m Gas Fusion Mirror B. Bigelow
64 The Mechanical Design of HIRES J. Osborne, B. Bigelow
65 Design, Analysis, and Testing of Figure Correction Cells for Two 0.8-m Lenses B. Bigelow
66 The Kast Double Spectrograph J.S. Miller, R.P.S. Stone
67 HIRES User’s Manual S.S. Vogt
69 The Mechanical Design of Dewars J. Osborne
70 Multi-Object Spectrograph: Lick Observatory 120" Telescope Fiber and Corrector Optics Assembly J.I. Abele
73 The Hamilton Spectrograph TH-AR Atlas M.D. Shetrone
74 Introduction to Echelle Data Reduction Using the Image Reduction Analysis Facility C.W. Churchill
75 Qualification of The Profilometer T. Mast, D. Hilyard, G. Pardeilhan
76 DEIMOS Project E. James

The Lick Infrared Camera’s User’s Manual

A.Misch, K. Gilmore, D. Rank
78 DEIMOS Collimeter and Slit Mask Surface Design and End-to-End System Performance B.M. Sutin
79 The Design and Assembly of Camera Lens Cells for Fluid Couplants Using Elastomeric Lens Mounts S. Faber, D. Hilyard, E. James, T. Pfister
81 Active and Passive Temperature Compensation for the ESI Camera B.M. Sutin
82 DEIMOS Collimator Null Lens B.M. Sutin
83 DEIMOS TV Guider Optical Design B.M. Sutin
84 Analysis of Various Collimators for ESI B.M. Sutin
85 DEIMOS Camera Re-Optimization B.M. Sutin
86 Analysis of Incidence Angles for the ESI Spectrograph B.M. Sutin
87 Areal Parabolic Collimators for the Keck II Telescope (with Addendum) B.M. Sutin
88 A Thorium-Argon Line Atlas for the Keck HIRES Spectrometer S.S. Vogt and M. Keane
89 Cleaning Procedure for Solgel Coated Optics in the 120" Telescope Primary Focus Corrector W.E. Brown, E. James and V. Wallace
90 ESI, The New Keck Observatory Echellette Spectrograph and Imager A.I. Sheinis, M. Bolte, H.W. Epps, R.I. Kibrick, J.S. Miller, M.V. Radovan, B.C. Bigelow, B.M. Sutin
91 ESI Alignment Report A.I. Sheinis
92 HIRES: How to Position and Focus a CCD J. Osborne