UCO/Lick Observatory Photo Permission Policy

Astronomical photos have been part of Lick Observatory's heritage since the late 1800s. UCO encourages the use of these images, but also reserves the right to grant or withhold the permission to reproduce images based upon the scientific and/or publicity value of the proposed project.

All decisions to grant or withhold permission for image use will be made exclusively by UCO/Lick Observatory.

Images must be purchased directly from UCO/Lick Observatory for reproduction, to guarantee image quality. No images will be loaned for reproduction. View list of available photos here.

All requests for permission to reproduce UCO/Lick Observatory images must be submitted in writing to the UCO Publications Office, via mail, e-mail, or online form. NO verbal permissions are given. Upon receipt of your permission fees, the Publications Office will issue a document granting permission to reproduce specific images in a specific project. No blanket permissions are granted.

Questions regarding any aspect of this policy may be directed to the webeditor@ucolick.org.

Credit Lines

Permission to reproduce UCO/Lick Observatory images requires standard credit lines below, unless the permission document specifically states otherwise.


UCO/Lick Observatory retains the sole right to determine the category and charges appropriate to your project.

  1. Single-edition print permissions may be granted for print uses for a fee of $25 per image per use. These rights must be renewed, with an additional fee, for each new edition printed or produced. Examples include publication of textbooks, photo books, and music CD jackets.
    • $25 per image per use (per edition)

  2. Electronic use permissions may be granted for a fee of $25 per image per use. Examples include DVDS, e-books, and websites. Credit line on website must be linked to this photo permission page.
    • $25 per image per use (per edition)

  3. Multiple-media publication permissions may be granted for a fee of $100 per image per use in one edition. These rights include permission to reproduce images in the original print version plus translations, derivatives, splits, student/teacher versions, etc., in all print and electronic media. Rights must be renewed when new (next number) edition is published. Per-use fee is based upon how many times image is used in original print edition.
    • $100 per image per use

  4. All-media licensing permissions may be granted for 10 or more years for a fee of $25 per year (per image), payable at the beginning of licensing period. These rights are issued for a specific project, and include all multiple-edition uses above plus database inclusion, and advertising uses such as broadcasts and billboards. Flat fee is not based upon how many times image is used in original edition.
    • $25 per image per year, payable at beginning of licensing period ($250 minimum)

  5. Permission may be granted without fee for one-time academic, educational and/or publicity reproductions. Includes one-time educational uses such as academic papers, educational posters, community slide shows, and school video productions, as well as articles and broadcasts that create publicity for UCO/Lick Observatory or its astronomers and research.

  6. UCO/Lick Observatory images are not available for items produced for commercial resale such as posters, T-shirts, postcards, and calendars.