Photo Pricing

Prices are charged in US Dollars, and include sales tax. Shipping charges apply to all photos except those purchased in person at the Publications Office or at the Lick Observatory Gift Shop on Mt. Hamilton. We ship via first class mail. UCO/Lick affiliates receive 20% discount on photographs, but not shipping.

All UCO/Lick photos are copyrighted, and can be reproduced with our written permission only. To view usage fees, please visit our Photo Permissions page, or email for quote.


35 mm slides $3.50
8" x 10" glossy prints $8.50
11" x 14" matte prints $17.50
Sierra panorama prints See panorama webpage

Domestic Shipping

35 mm slides: up to 10 slides $2.00
35 mm slides: per additional 10 $.25
8" x 10" prints: 1 - 2 prints $2.50
8" x 10" prints: per additional 2 $.25
11" x 14" prints: first print $4.00
11" x 14" prints: each additional $.25
Sierra panorama prints See panorama webpage

International Shipping

Email for quote