Sierra Nevada Panoramas

This popular photograph of the snow-covered Sierra Nevada was taken at Lick Observatory, over 100 miles away, on December 13, 1931, using early infrared (IR) technology. Panoramas are printed with archival inks on heavy matte paper in three styles. They can be purchased by mail or onsite in the Publications Office ISB 376. See below for pricing.

This photograph was the culmination of a series of experiments in long-range IR photography at Lick Observatory dating back to 1920. Infrared radiation penetrates haze and dust-laden air much more effectively than light, producing sharper and more detailed photographs.

Lick photographer J. Fred Chappell used a special long-focus lens, an infrared filter, and a glass astronomical photographic plate which had been sensitized for infrared radiation to capture the original photo. Most likely the camera that he used was built around a 2-1/4-inch diameter Voigtlander lens (stopped down), with 60-inch focal length.

Panorama Styles Available

Single Panorama (no labels): 4.5" x 19"

Panorama Print

Single Panorama with peak labels: 4.5" x 19"

Panorama Print with Labels

Double Panorama with peak labels on inset: 6.5" x 19"

Double Panorama Print


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Single Panoramas, 4.5" x 19" $21.00 each
Double Panoramas, 6.5" x 19" $25.00 each
Domestic Shipping: First Single Panorama $4.50
Domestic Shipping: per additional Single Panorama $.50 each
Domestic Shipping: First Double Panorama $4.75
Domestic Shipping: per additional Double Panorama $.75 each
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